Friday, March 19, 2010


Like many of you, I have been spending much time looking at various sites with a social aspect. I am struck by the 'tribe' like way words are embraced to solidify the identity of site members as part of the targeted demographic. It's akin to the way groups of off-line friends/family develop cue words that serve to bond them closer. Thinking about this, it's no wonder teens don't really like Twitter, to many of them the concept of 'Follow' is just so totally creepy.

It's really interesting looking at the words associated with many of these sites and the way they offer 'connecting' are really are not generic, but designed to capture and amplify the relationship amongst members:

Facebook Friends; become
LinkedIn Connections; many or which are
Twitter Followers; who are parents of
MissBimbo girls, and siblings of
ClubPenguin buddies

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