Friday, March 9, 2012

Going mobile

Somewhat obscured by the iPad announcement the other day is the speed to which Apple has led the 'post-PC' vanguard noted for its mobility. Here are some of the stats for Apple:

  • 172mm "post PC devices" (e.g. iPads, iPods, and iPhones) sold in the last YEAR
  • In the past quarter 85% of company revenue came from these devices. 
  • Apple is now the largest manufacturer of computing devices
  • The iPad sold more units than any other computer manufacturer
  • 40.5mm iPads were sold last year
These stark numbers represent the five year mobile paradigm shift, starting with the iPhone, that will only gain momentum as 4G LTE networks proliferate. With the realistic potential for 10Mbt/s on the upload and 15-25 Mbt/s on the download, it represents substantial improvement over existing 3g networks. No doubt software and media players will be enhancing applications and content (e.g. more video) to take advantage of the enhanced connectivity and giving even greater utility to mobile users.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goodbye Classic

The new iPad has been introduced, a worth successor to my increasingly pokey iPad Classic. Over the past couple of years, each new software update and next 'can't live without' application, has brought it to its knees. The march to pokiness was greatly accelerated when the iPad2 was released and developers optimized for the faster processor and took advantage of the improved graphics. The new iPad with an even faster processor, more RAM, a 'retina' screen and LTE communication capability will be too tempting for developers to again optimize. So, good-bye Classic iPad, you really were magic.