Monday, March 15, 2010

Gothamedia venture panel

Roused from a cold house, with no phone service, electricity or water, I spoke on a round table this AM with a few folk from the NY venture community. The session was hosted by Gene DeRose, serial entrepreneur, former CEO of Jupiter Media and now founder of HouseParty .

Panel was noteworthy by the number of areas of agreement. I don't think people were being polite, but with such industry turbulence, perhaps, we are now better listeners and open to considering different things. Here were some highlight quotes:

Howard Morgan, First Round-We have built our fund to optimize for the sub-$100mm liquidity events that have traditionally dominated the transactions in the technology space.

David Pakman, Venrock- Many entrepreneurs are building companies with wonderful potential, but that does not mean they will be good investment opportunities for institutional investors

Larry Lenihan, FirstMark Capital- We are not religious about technology, markets, or stage. We will invest where we think we can earn good returns

Danny Shultz, DFJ Gotham- Social media market feels like a winner take all area where Facebook has run the table

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