Friday, March 12, 2010

Moogis redux

The Allman Brothers Band are back in NY for their annual concert run; moved from the Beacon in deference to the circus- a sore point highlighted in the photo screen displayed behind the band- and playing in the magnificent United Place Theatre (former home of the Reverend Ike). It's also been a year since I've checked out Moogis, the live streaming/on demand repository of the ABB shows, created by drummer Butch Trucks. I thought this would be a wonderful time to see how the technology, experience, and pricing have changed in the last year.

* cameras have moved from 750i to hi-def 1080i
* per an interview, they said their streaming costs/mb are down by a staggering 75%
* my personal infrastructure's been upgraded with an addition of a LD-390 Blu-Ray with built-in Wifi. This is connected to my big screen and I use Tversity as the media server
* A yearly subscription is $150/year (till March 11th?)

Looking at the forums, it seems as if there are some member issues that need resolution.

Hoping there's some blue sky behind the clouds (if you watch, check out fiddling with the resolution on the lower right corner of the video. The degradation in viewing quality is staggering as you move from 360-1080i. I suspect the issues in the forum are not Moogis related, but due to 'cloud' if that makes subscribers, looking for great live streaming experience, feel any better).

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