Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Looking for the trickle down

Apple announced great results yesterday highlighted by some interesting iphone statistics:

5.2 million phones sold in the last quarter
1.5B apps downloaded in the first year of the App Store

Here is a replay of the earnings webcast.

Now that billions of applications have been downloaded by tens of millions of people, I am wondering why we have not seen a robust next generation of mobile-centric software app companies, centered on this platform, achieve critical mass. If not, while many were bemoaning the lack of paradigm shifts, it seems as if we have seen the market pendulum swing away from downloaded applications and towards platform independent web based applications.

Thinking of market shifts, here's a post from David Winer, that reflects on the rise of the internet and its implication to MSFT, and a warning to entrepreneurs who may seek 'account' control based on a platform (the internet) that's by definition, open and near frictionless.

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