Thursday, July 9, 2009

All that shines is not Chrome

I've been doing some more thinking about the Chrome OS and its implications/next steps.

1. Google's ecosystem today is concentrated on breaking its service (SEO) vs supporting its infrastructure. There will have to be a huge amount of work to switch the DNA of this relationship to create the primordial muck for a new OS to be successful.

2. The OS will have a Linux kernel and much Javascript. The later is known for not being a speed demon and performance will be the first measure for its competitiveness (similar to the Chrome browser).

3. Despite the OS being 'fast, lightweight and optimized for the cloud' it will need to run/support some local applications. Such applications need to be readily available, perhaps via a GOOG iTunes like application store.

4. With Android and Chrome OS I would not be surprised if Eric Schmidt resigned from the Apple board as the more he takes on MSFT, the more Apple is exposed to 'friendly fire'

5. The PC era is now rapidly being commoditized from two fronts. The iPhone, which is now a computer, phone, camera, video camera, GPS, music player and game platform represents fantastic value and a classic example of exporting deflation for the benefit of customers. Let's do the math* (courtesy of Amazon):

Netbook PC $375
Phone (Nokia) $ 90
Camera (p&s) $125
Flip video $129
GPS $ 90
iPod $224
Nintendo DS $130

Total $1163

iPhone $399

Savings $764
% savings 66%

The other commoditizing force is the cloud which moves storage and computations away from the personal computer. Hence the move to low cost netbooks that, despite being low(er) power, represent the fastest growing segment of the PC market.

It's easy to look at Apple as a purveyor of premium priced products that gets away with it due to design and brand. I think this is a misplaced perspective that competitors will ignore at their peril.

*I know it's not totally 'apples to apples' due to quality of comparisons (e.g. camera pixels)

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