Monday, December 1, 2008

Minding your P's, Q's and insights into T's

One of the beauties of the Internet are the wonderful niche markets that rapidly develop into viable nationwide and global businesses due to the low cost of distribution and harnessing the creative talents from many corners. Often, many in the venture community only stumble upon these situations when they have reached a nice critical size that raises their visibility to the general public.

Recently, Wired Magazine had a nice article by Clive Thompson on: How T-Shirts Keep Online Content Free where he noted that a myriad of folk have set up companies to hawk T-Shirts with monikers from bands, politico's, TV characters, or other sundry sources.

CafePress , drives a reported $100mm of '07 revenues, with $20mm in profits and 60% growth by creating a community of nearly 7mm people who create, buy, and sell custom T's. Social, commerce and content all meet at CafePress. Below are numbers for CafePress, as well as one of the competitors, Zazzle, courtesy of

Now that we have the T's covered, I am sure entrepreneurs will find great equity building opportunities in the P's and Q's.

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