Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Madoff proves Stalin wrong (click here)

It's reputed that Josef Stalin once said 'the murder of one person is a tragedy, and the death of one million is merely a statistic'. He highlighted that it's so hard to understand and relate to great events, whether positive or negative, as they are beyond our scope of relating what this really means to an individual.

Madoff's reputed swindle of such a broad swath of good and great people is a tragedy that has taken the breath away from so many of us; even most of us individuals who lack the visceral feeling for great events. A letter to the editor of Newsweek, written by Rabbi Marc Gellman goes a long way towards capturing the betrayal of so many. So says the Rabbi, 'it's an abomination'.... es verdad.

We've had our share of 'learning experiences' in '08. Wishing you a happy and healthy '09 and special joy to my dear friends Robert and Yanni on the birth of their first child.


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