Friday, May 24, 2013

An original thinker...Scott Belsky

Behance is a community of creative folk founded by Scott Belsky. He recently sold the company to Adobe and now leads their community efforts. He is an original thinker whose passionate about his product and his constituency. Recently, I met with him, and saw his presentation at NJTech Meet-up. Fortunately, here's a version of it given at Internet Week in NY.

Here's some snippets to whet your appetite:
  • Meritocracy, innovation and access are not natural to the web
  • The problem is the web is verticalizing. This limits creativity and inspiration. Behance leveraged that 95% of creatives follow other fields and would appreciate broad exposure
  • Creative meritocracy is about credible mass vs critical mass. Not a crowd sourcing fan. Good to hear a dissenting voice
  • I try to hire great people and view my role as to be the wind at their backs

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