Monday, January 14, 2013

AGC Partners 2012 Venture, M&A and IPO summary report

Here is the annual technology M&A report which highlights M&A volume was off 30%, and Q4 was particularly slow for IPO's and M&A. Not a good liquidity period for most. Some highlights:

  • The most active acquirers stayed active, though seem to be doing many small deals
  • The 25th cash richest technology company had nearly $2.5B of cash on hand
  • The large VC's, many with multiple funds continue to build capital war chests
  • Median acquisition premium was 33%
Though public companies continue to have hefty cash balances, it seems as if a combination of a mismatch between buyer and seller expectation of value, a concern over  government M&A scruitny, and an uncertain stock market has put a damper on activity. Though there is a way, the will is not keeping pace.

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