Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hard boiled eggs

Now that school is back in session, and lunch making duties beckon, I had to search for the time it takes to make a hard boiled egg. Not as straightforward a task as you would imagine.

Google came back with 'about 473,000 responses' to my inquiry about 'cooking hard boiled eggs'. Recipes detailed piercing the large end with a tack, removing eggs from refrigerator for 30 minutes before boiling, putting eggs in warm water till the water boiled, then removing from heat. And, of course, the fierce 15 vs 17 minute religious battle.

It took more time sifting recipes than boiling the eggs!

If there's so many opinions about making hard boiled eggs, and so many will give results that equally please me, just imagine how many ways there are to build a great company (or not to).

You just got to take your nose out of the book and start boiling the water.

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