Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen (Netscape and Opsware, Ning and Andreessen Horwitz) at his irreverent best:

On newspapers- "stop the presses, how many years of pain do you want to take"
Facebook- 175mm active users, no brand advertising preferring organic growth
iPhone- A central platform for developers to build mobile applications "it was like beamed in from the future"

Qik- He's an investor...any phone with a video camera can stream video live to the web

Venture Capital- We are going to invest in many early stage software companies, with a small amount of initial capital ($200k-$1mm), when successful he'll invest more deeply. Harnessing capital efficiency which the web brings.

Twitter- He bet on the entrepreneur while he was with Odeo, when it was failing, he saw an opportunity that became Twitter. He returned the money raised for Odeo and invited the investors to join him in Twitter.

Kindle- Is representative of the new era of publishing. It's a new form factor 'web pads' that will be a precursor for a generation of similar devices (as a Kindle owner, I agree, and can't wait for a similar sized iPod/iPhone).

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