Friday, April 17, 2009


about all the swirling rumors around whose buying Twitter and why they ought to be acquired in '09. Recently, as reported in the Gray Lady, Credit Suisse published an estimate that YouTube will lose $470mm in '09 and is still having trouble monetizing the site to come within hundreds of millions of dollars to matching revenues with expenses, 3 years after its acquisition by the mother of all internet monetizing engines.

Skype, another once small company acquired for a huge price tag, is being divested after failing to remotely carry the weight of acquisition expectations. For me, there's enough pattern recognition that the few prospective buyers, with huge war chests and high multiples (er, relatively high multiples) will sit this one out till an economic model is established, one that's complementary to someone.

Meanwhile, Twitter, best of luck on catching all the money PE firms will throw your way on the Long and Winding Road:

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