Tuesday, March 17, 2009


After a few frustrating attempts to buy tickets on Craigslist, my buddy Scott and I hit the streets and scalped some tickets to attend the Allman Brothers at the Beacon last night. As a side note, while watching 'tall 'n skinny' Scott engage with the scalpers, it highlighted just how much folk in the VC business have to learn about negotiating from the real pros. His cool demeanor saved us a cool 50 bucks and earned the respect of the street professionals; I think there's an after shmata role for him in this business.

At the show they were handing out fliers for a new video on demand service started by band member Butch Trucks called Moogis. For $125, or less than the cost of one orchestra ticket, you get streamed, and video on demand access to all 15 Beacon shows and unlimited viewing for six months thereafter. With broadband enabled HQ video quality, (512-by-384-pixels) at up to 30 frames per second (fps) the video quality is fine for a living room experience.

Moogis is yet another example of how much progress the industry has made in the last couple of years towards providing an instant, high quality, relatively low cost, access experience.

Ain't wastin' time no more, going to load up my Tversity for the Clapton, Bobby/Phil nights.

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