Monday, February 23, 2009


Marvell Electronics is promoting an innovative 'permacheap' approach to storing digital content. A "plug computer' that plugs into an electic socket, yet stores and manages all your home media for a cool 50 bucks.

It seems that on an almost daily basis we are seeing fantastic dislocations associated with the digital living room. Product announcements from stalwarts such as Cisco, LG and HP, saber rattling from NBC and CBS, and innovation from Pando Networks, Tversity and many others. Analysts are also in the game arguing about whether intelligent TV's, smart set-top boxes, or media servers will win the home front war.

Back to Marvell. With their new product, folk will be able to access files from anywhere in their house, or over a Internet connection when you're out. It's promised to be ultra small, cheap, and centralizes your media in a format that facilitates discovery and transmission. Don Clark, of the WSJ, wrote about it here.

Hopefully, when the product is introduced, this proud chip company will do so in a consumer friendly way. If so, I have no doubt, we can be together on this one.

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