Thursday, September 24, 2009

Larry Ellison and 'why I acquired Sun'

Interesting post by Will Price describing Larry Ellison's speech Monday night.

Essentially, he argues that the Enterprise business may now be best served by rejecting the move to a components based horizontal approach, where the customer chooses a multitude of 'best of breed' vendors. Instead, a 'vertical' approach (harken back to dominant IBM) where one vendor supplies, or integrates the total solution is best for the customer.

I suppose he's right in an environment where innovation is stilted, and competition offers many alternatives. Or, you have a culture of intense innovation (Apple). I think you need two of these conditions to be present for his vision to be successful.

Here's a snippet of Mr. Ellison entertaining the crowd on his view of cloud computing

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  1. A very interesting interview. Why they bought Sun is one thing (and Ellison may or may not fully disclose all the facts in public), what happens after the completion of the deal is another. I have also written a couple of blogs on the same topic at